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    How Spelling Helps to Read

    This is Brainy coming to you with the latest in all things Spelling  with …..The Spelling Buzz!!

    I have been doing some research on how spelling helps with reading, and came up with some pretty cool facts.  Spelling is a very important part of reading.  You could would not be able to read words properly, without knowing how the words are spelled first.  Very interesting!!! Continue reading “How Spelling Helps to Read” »


    Spelling Monster Updates

    Hello everyone,

    Just an update to let everyone know what we have been doing. We have been working hard and are now in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. We are awaiting approval for Amazons store which will take care of our kindle users. We are excited to say that Spelling Monster is available on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. As well as Android phones and tablets. Hats off to our development team for all the hard work! Continue reading “Spelling Monster Updates” »


    5 Year Old Spelling Hero.

    Hey kids it’s Beatz, back again to give you the latest news in spelling with this week’s edition of the Spelling Buzz.

    I had to come and tell you about the bravest most awesome speller I have come across in a long time.  His name is Nathaniel Dancy Jr., and you won’t believe the great and heroic thing he did for his dad using his spelling knowledge. Continue reading “5 Year Old Spelling Hero.” »


    How to be a Better Speller.

    So what makes some people better spellers than others, well simply put practice. Though different articles debate what is the best practice. We at Spelling Monster think any and all practice is great. Wikihow.com suggests writing a paragraph without stopping.Then when you are finished go back and circle all your misspellings and look them up in a dictionary. The more you see the words spelled correctly the more you will recognize when they are not. In fact reading in general whether it’s a book, comic, or magazine your brain remembers spelling patterns. So the more you read the better speller you will be. Lets see what other things we can do to be a better speller. Continue reading “How to be a Better Speller.” »


    Reading and Spelling with a Whole Word Approach

     What’s up Friends!! This is Zainy, zipping through to bring you this weeks edition of…..The Spelling Buzz.  As all my friends know, everything I do, I do it quick fast and in a hurry so lets begin.

    While super skimming the internet to sharpen my spelling skills, I came across some information cool and interesting enough to slow me down (only for a minute).  I learned that children learn to read because their minds read the word as a whole instead of letter by letter. For example: Continue reading “Reading and Spelling with a Whole Word Approach” »


    Our Decision to go Mobile

    As we began the process of creating Spelling Monster, one of our biggest decisions was which technology to release it on, web verses mobile. We researched this decision for months, read plenty of articles, and lots of statistics. As we polled family, friends, coworkers, and even a few teachers, our research resulted in some surprising results. We got an idea of how many people had smart phones, tablets, and home computers (ie: desktop or laptop).To our surprise almost everyone had some kind of smartphone. Most even had tablets(iPad or Kindle). Then came home computers, about half had some kind of home computer but almost all hadn’t updated these systems since being introduced to mobile technology. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. We also noticed that about half of people who did have some kind of mobile device, did not have any kind of home computer.

    Continue reading “Our Decision to go Mobile” »

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