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    Ziggy here with some “Spelling Buzz”.

    Have you guys ever heard of this super speller Madeline Mervine?  I came across an article about her and I thought it was really cool. Madeline, nicknamed the “Bookworm” is a great speller beating out 20 other students to represent her school in the state spelling bee at the Oregon State Fair. L-I-T-E-R-A-T-U-R-E or literature is her favorite word to spell. Continue reading “L-I-T-E-R-A-T-U-R-E” »

    Word Study: A New Way to Teach Spelling

    Hey Friends! This is Beatz, coming to you with this weeks edition of………. The Spelling Buzz!!!

    Have you guys ever heard of the practice of “Word Study” as a way to teach spelling? I came across this article that was pretty cool, and I thought I would share it with you guys!

    “Word study” is an alternative to traditional spelling instruction.  It is based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing unconnected words. Continue reading “Word Study: A New Way to Teach Spelling” »


    Developmental Levels of Spelling

    Hello all of my fellow geniuses, this is your brilliant friend Brainy bringing you the latest information concerning all things spelling in this weeks edition of…… The Spelling Buzz!!!!

    I was doing some studying and came across a cool article that had a cool scoring chart that helps you analyze each developmental level of spelling.  There are 5 key steps to becoming a good speller. Continue reading “Developmental Levels of Spelling” »


    Top 5 Spelling TV Shows

    Hello Friends, this Ziggy, swerving by with this weeks edition of ……The Spelling Buzz!!!!

    This week I have been looking around for the coolest T.V. shows that will help us with learning how to spell.  I have come up with my top 5 shows that I think we all could learn spelling from.  These shows will help with learning your ABC’s, as well as how to spell words, and also what the words definitions are. Continue reading “Top 5 Spelling TV Shows” »


    13 Year Old Spelling Bee Champion

    Hello Everyone!!! This is your speedy spelling monster Zainy coming to you with this week’s edition of……………………..The Spelling Buzz!!!!


    I just wanted to zip through and give a big spelling shout-out to super spelling champion Arvind Mahankali.  Arvind was the 2013 Scripts National Spelling Bee winner. He is a 13-year old four time competitor and also the first boy to win the competition in 5 years.  Isn’t he awesome?  He never gave up, even after not winning three times. He knew he could do it, and he did it!! Continue reading “13 Year Old Spelling Bee Champion” »


    How Spelling Helps to Read

    This is Brainy coming to you with the latest in all things Spelling  with …..The Spelling Buzz!!

    I have been doing some research on how spelling helps with reading, and came up with some pretty cool facts.  Spelling is a very important part of reading.  You could would not be able to read words properly, without knowing how the words are spelled first.  Very interesting!!! Continue reading “How Spelling Helps to Read” »


    5 Year Old Spelling Hero.

    Hey kids it’s Beatz, back again to give you the latest news in spelling with this week’s edition of the Spelling Buzz.

    I had to come and tell you about the bravest most awesome speller I have come across in a long time.  His name is Nathaniel Dancy Jr., and you won’t believe the great and heroic thing he did for his dad using his spelling knowledge. Continue reading “5 Year Old Spelling Hero.” »


    Reading and Spelling with a Whole Word Approach

     What’s up Friends!! This is Zainy, zipping through to bring you this weeks edition of…..The Spelling Buzz.  As all my friends know, everything I do, I do it quick fast and in a hurry so lets begin.

    While super skimming the internet to sharpen my spelling skills, I came across some information cool and interesting enough to slow me down (only for a minute).  I learned that children learn to read because their minds read the word as a whole instead of letter by letter. For example: Continue reading “Reading and Spelling with a Whole Word Approach” »


    How Kids Learn to Spell

    Hi! This is Brainy. Coming to you with some awesome information in this edition of the Spelling Buzz.

    While I was searching the web, trying to soak in as much spelling knowledge as I can, I came across a very interesting article about how children learn to spell.  Did you know that all children learn to spell in 7 stages?  Isn’t that awesome?  I love learning about my human friends! Lets see what cool ways each stage taught you how to spell. 

    Continue reading “How Kids Learn to Spell” »


    Spelling Bee Rule Changes

    SPELLING BUZZ- Keep up with the latest news and information on all things spelling with The Spelling Buzz.

    Hi Kids and parents,

    This is Beats here, bringing you the latest buzz in the Spelling World!
    There are some new changes coming soon to the “Scripps National Spelling Bee”.
    In past competitions, contestants were allowed to ask for the definitions of words they were given to spell, well guys those days are over. The new Spelling Bee rules requires the contestant to both spell and define the words. How cool is that!!!!
    Continue reading “Spelling Bee Rule Changes” »

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