• What We Have Been Up To Lately.

    What We Have Been Up To Lately.

    We have been working on a lot lately. Since my last update we have fixed a couple bugs, I went to my first Google conference, released a new game, and are about to release another update with a new feature and a new game. Yes, we have been busy. I love getting e-mails with comments like we love your app or my child has done better in spelling since using your app (those are my favorite). I also like getting e-mails about how to make Spelling Monster better. I am always surprised that people are surprised that I e-mail back and am a real person. Ok back to what we have been doing.

    The bug fixes consisted of two things. One was a simple programming error that resulted in a huge problem. This affected sharing mainly but in extreme cases it would’t allow to select a list at all, rendering Spelling Monster useless. I do believe we lost a few people with this one. We tried our best testing on every device we had, and borrowing friend’s device’s. We would get glimpses of hope with people who really worked with us and we finally nailed it out and got it taken care of. Thank you to all of you. The second bug, we had no control over. Chevol our developer could explain it much better then me but pretty much it boiled down to tablet updates not being compatible with program used to code SM. So when they did their update we did our update fixing the black screen problem on certain Android devices. Thank you for everyones patience and support. We really appreciate it.
    My first Google conference was the Google Play Playtime, which was a conference about Google Play for education. I learned a lot, but like I said this was my first one. I was a little star struck as I got to meet Chore Monster’s Chris Bergman. The panel’s were nice, a little one sided IMO but still very helpful. Hearing from the educator’s and the kids I think was the most helpful. That being said hearing what the parent’s thought was nice too. We didn’t get to stay for the happy hour part of the conference. Chev’s main job was hang issue’s and we had to get back to NC from NYC so we left as soon as the conference was over. I also got to meet a lot of other educational app creator’s. All in all it was a good time.
    When we did the bug fix update I believe, we also introduced a new monster and game.  So let me formally introduce to you Hank and our “Word Harvest” game. I think this is currently my favorite game. You pull up carrots with your letters on them to spell your words. It’s a fun game you should try it if you haven’t.
     Now for the update about to release or will be released depending on when I finish this post and Apple finishes reviewing. By popular request apostrophe’s are now possible so you can include word contractions. This took some thought and planning to get just right. We wanted to make sure it tested well in all situation’s. So I am very pleased to say we are now including this. I love including other’s idea’s on how to make this app better. Also we will be releasing a new game and monster. I have to give Beatz favorite classroom a shout out. Thank you to Mrs Brackx 3rd grade class. They named this game’s monster for us. So without further ado meet Spike in our “Letter Angling” game. This is a fishing game. You fish for your letter’s to spell your words correctly.
    In closing I would like to remind our supporters of a couple things. If you love Spelling Monster give us feedback either thru e-mail or via app store you purchased Spelling Monster. Also please be kind as it does take a little bit to resolve some issue’s. I do my best to answer e-mails with a couple hours I get them. That being said we all work full time day jobs and have families.  We created Spelling Monster with our children in mind and work diligently resolving issue’s when we have them. We truly love hearing from people, the good, bad, and even the ugly. Thank for all your support.

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