• Trial and Error

    Trial and Error

    This weeks blog post is mostly about editing and/or deleting a word or word list. First off let me start by saying yes you can delete a word or a word list by simply swiping left to right on the word or wordlist you want to edit or delete. You should then see a delete button appear on the right hand side of the row, tap that and you should get a confirmation that it has been deleted. We chose this approach because in my head I thought it to be an obvious universal since that is how you delete an e-mail on your phone. Boy was I wrong, I guess in hind sight of coarse it made sense in my head but that doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination was it as obvious as I thought. There are so many reasons now why I realize how naive I was in this approach. Not that it is not an acceptable way to handle the action but I needed to have added a tutorial letting my users know how to use all features of Spelling Monster. Not just assume that they would just know. This will be something that will be addressed in the not too distant future. I would say the only benefit to this was being able to interact with some our parents out there when they e-mailed to ask how to edit and/or delete. This being the case because not only would they ask how to edit or delete. More times than not they have made suggestions which we try our best to include in our app. One example being a choice between upper and lower case letters. For our parents that go to www.spellingmonster.com I have added this to our FAQ page until we come up with our solution.

    Second part of this blog post is… So we got the ever dreaded 1 star rating from one well two of our parents. The issue for me is I wish there was a way I could contact them directly, not to argue why with them but to get more info so we can make our app better.  The issues? The couple concerns I read was in our free version. We had a full ad at initial launch. We did research found an ad company that had COPPA compliant ads tested didn’t have any issues on our couple devices and no problems, but a parent noticed that one of the ads loaded was for a non age appropriate game and gave us 1 star, I understand being upset I would be as well. I just wish they contacted us and gave us a chance to rectify the situation. We have since removed the ads completely in our free version. So I hope this parent gives us another chance but I know this is unlikely. Our other issue that needs to be fixed. To one parent it appeared that the free version had no actual games and was just a plug for our paid version. They downloaded our app passed our ad at initial launch. Added there words to choose the first game the text balloon comes up saying that game is a premium game, ok so I have to assume now annoyed mildly that go to the next game and… another premium game. They don’t make it any further, by now their as I would be, annoyed, enough to say forget it and assume that all the games are like that… So as a result we are working on a new way to display our games so it is more obvious as to which games are, um active we will say.
    At the end of the day we want Spelling Monster to be the best we can make it. The best way to do that is listen to our user base. So please feel free to contact us directly at info@spellingmonster.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. We love to hear from you.

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