• New games and Updates.

    New games and Updates.

    I really don’t have much to write about this week. Though that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. Well what have you been doing you may ask? We have been working on a few different things lately, two new games, having a uppercase and lowercase option, and a difficulty option by request of several users. We have had a few inquiries about our teachers version. So we have also worked that back into things after putting the teachers version on hold for a while. We have also been discussing adding some type of tutorial for first time users and after updates with new features.
    When I’m not obsessing over black out bingo, one of the two games we are working on is a baseball type game. Simple game play just like the others making the main focus the letters and words. Pretty much a ball with a letter in it, swing if its the correct letter to spell your word get a home run if not you get a strike and loose a star. An just like the rest loose three stars and you will have to start again. The second game, we are still toying with a few ideas so I will keep you posted. A friend of mine that uses Spelling Monster for her son likes to use the list to call out his words to him as a mock practice test and requested making list view font smaller so more words would fit on a page. Instead of this we are also working on practice test per say. The list would randomize so the words would not always be in the same order and have a check box so you would be able to check the ones you done.
    By multiple user request we added a choice between uppercase and lowercase letters. We also have had a few teachers request a difficulty setting for game play. You can access these features in settings.
    For our teachers version we are still working with teachers to get everything just right. We had put things on hold waiting to see how things went with the Spelling Monster app itself.

    Well this what we are working on these days. Check back with us periodically to see our progress and what we are going to next.

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