• Learning The Ropes.

    Learning The Ropes.

    As I did my usual search trying to find articles to research or stories to write about and coming up short. I decided to write about my experience so far. Though my husband has done a few apps for himself and for others, this is my first time being part of it all. It has been a fun challenge. I have had to learn a lot and fast. It has been scary and beyond frustrating sometimes. When we decided to build Spelling Monster I had small jobs… Filler jobs we will call it. I helped decide on images, reminded him of deadlines, or let him know of information I had found. Simple things really nothing really relying on me alone per say.  A couple months in I am bug testing, and learning how to utilize sites/apps like, Asana, Google Drive, and bitbucket. By the time we released I am helping with our website, doing write ups for our blog, Facebook, and twitter page. I am learning the ropes of getting Spelling Monster reviewed on different review sites. It has been a few months since release now we have 600+ followers on Facebook, and 250+ followers on twitter. I don’t have that many followers on my private pages. I do my best to do a blog post a week minimum.  Last year at this time I was a stay at home mom and house wife. Well I am still those things but now I am all of these other things too. I love watching Spelling Monster grow.

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