• My Families Spelling Experiences.

    My Families Spelling Experiences.

    Spelling…. We all know that it is important. That doesn’t mean we are all great spellers or even ok spellers. I personally have always struggled with spelling. Even in the era of the all knowing spell check I struggle. My parents had me practice daily just like everyone else. Though that still didn’t help my spelling honestly it probably made it worse, because the “practice ” I had to do was write each word 10x each. Which I guess works in theory or maybe as an addition to, or maybe just not for me. I found this task boring, tedious, and (in my child perspective) horrible. In school practice meant writing sentences again so boring.  I try as a parent to make learning fun at home, and pay attention to my kids individual learning styles. My younger daughter loves games whether thats a digital game like spelling monster or a traditional game hang man. My older daughter is very creative, rainbow words,  cutting out letters and glueing them down, anything hands on is her. In previous posts I have listed many of the different ways we practice. For them to be able to choose from practice exercises that they enjoy makes all the difference. Since they are having fun the amount of time they spent  practicing increased. the amount they are retaining has increased, both short and long term, which for me is the point. Learning and practicing doesn’t have to be boring. Kids shouldn’t dread learning, it should be fun.

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