• More Great Spelling Ideas.

    More Great Spelling Ideas.

    Had a few requests asking about more spelling ideas. Practicing spelling can be fun with a little creativity. Here are some more fun ways to practice spelling and have fun with your kids at the same time.
    1.Finger Paint: Have extra paint around have fun finger painting your letters and/or words. Have fun outside on a sunny day for easy cleanup.
    2.Family Fun Night: Play scrabble not only are you spending quality time together everyone young and old can practice their spelling.
    3.Alphabet Magnets: We all have a set of these. We got a few packs at the dollar store that way we had multiples of each letter and can spell multiple words and make fun sentences.
     4.Old magazines: Have fun cutting out letters and spelling words you can even glue them down.
     5.Play Dough: Don’t want to buy play dough you can make it easy. Check out play dough recipes online. Just add a little food coloring and voila. Shape play dough into letters and spell words.

    Tried all these options already. Do what I do when I am falling short on ideas, check out online. One of my favorite places http://www.momto2poshlildivas.com. This site has tons of options. Remember to be a great speller takes practice, but nothing says that practice can’t be fun.

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