• The Era of a Digital Babysitter

    The Era of a Digital Babysitter

    I stumbled upon an interesting article today. The name of the article? Are Young Children’s Apps Babysitters for the Digital Age. The article was nice with a great infographic. In this article the company did their own survey with-in ┬átheir customer base. They wanted to find out a few things.

    To start with they found out that moms are the main purchasers for their children’s apps. With a whopping 88% of purchases being made by women. Most of these women being between the age of 25-35. They also found out that 53% of children sometimes do play alone but that 39% play with their parent. Only about 9% play with a sibling. They also wanted to get to get a sense of when parents were letting their kids play with apps. As it turns out, 53% of parents let kids play with devices whenever the kids ask, just like any other favorite toy. 22% of ┬áparents let kids play when parents need a distraction. 18% of parents use apps when they want to create a learning experience for their children, and 17% when parents are driving. Based on this data, they believe that while keeping kids occupied is an important driver, learning and general play are also reasons to allow children to engage with mobile devices.

    All of this got me thinking. Where do I as a parent fit into these stats? Do I use technology as a digital babysitter? Leave us a comment tell us what you think.

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