• Top 5 Spelling TV Shows

    Top 5 Spelling TV Shows

    Hello Friends, this Ziggy, swerving by with this weeks edition of ……The Spelling Buzz!!!!

    This week I have been looking around for the coolest T.V. shows that will help us with learning how to spell.  I have come up with my top 5 shows that I think we all could learn spelling from.  These shows will help with learning your ABC’s, as well as how to spell words, and also what the words definitions are.  Ok……these are my top 5 shows that are sure to start your spelling engines!!!

    1. Super Why (PBS kids)

    Join the Super Readers, Alpha Pig with letter power, Wonder Red with word power, Princess Presto with spelling power, Super Why with the power to read, and of course Super You with the power to help, as the go on adventures in Storybook Land to solve everyday problems.  This show is an excellent way to learn spelling while also watching a cool show.

    2. Between the Lions (PBS Kids)

    Between the Lions is about a family of lions who run a library filled with magical books.  The series has puppetry, animation, and music to keep kids aged four to seven engaged. The books come alive, letters sing and dance, and words play on this wonderful education show.

    3. WordWorld (PBS Kids)

    The animated series WordWorld is a show about the WordFriends- Sheep, Frog, Duck, Pig, Ant, And Dog.  WordWorld incorporates letters into the characters and animation to help kids understand that letters make sounds and, when put together, spell words.  This is a great show to teach the fundamentals of spelling and reading.

    4.  Wilbur (DIscovery Kids)

    WIlbur is about an 8-year-old calf that helps his friends- Ray the rooster, Dasha the duck, and Libby the lamb- solve their problems through reading a book and relating them to their own problems. Wilbur and his friends show kids that it is fun to spell and read, and also how to use lessons in the stories they read and apply them to real life situations.

    5.  Sesame Street (PBS Kids)

    I sure this show needs no introduction…. especially since it has been on the air since 1969!!!

    Sesame Street is a classic educational show that uses puppets along with kids to teach, not only letters, words, and spelling, but also numbers, colors, and shapes.  Sesame Street is an all around great show for any kid to watch!!!!

    Well there you have it!!! My top 5 TV shows that teach spelling.  I hope you all get to enjoy them, but not so much that you forget to join me, and my spelling monster friends in Spelltopia, as we continue our journey to learn all things spelling!!!

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