• Learning Lost Over Summer Vacation

    Learning Lost Over Summer Vacation

    Did you know that children experience educational losses over the summer when they don’t engage in some kind of learning activity? Studies show that summer learning losses can equal a month or more of your childs instruction depending on the subject. Teachers typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. What’s one of the most susceptible skills lost? Spelling skills! Not to mention reading writing and mathematical skills. In addition to these loss of skills studies show that this loss of skills contribute to the growing gap in performance. In order to slow or even prevent learning loss students must have access to appropriate materials and practice activities. A survey of 100 school districts recently found that all districts operated some type of summer program. Although  more than 90 percent of summer programs were described as “remedial,” targeting only students who were not on grade level. So what can you as a parent do personally, to help combat summer learning loss with your  kids?

    * Look into your local library. It’s a wonderful place to promote the love of reading, and the librarian can suggest grade-level appropriate books to read.

    * Check out safe, parent-approved Internet sites. There are many that offer a daily craft activity to do alone or with a parent each day, some brain teasers, some fun educational games, etc.

    * Download educational apps like “Spelling Monster”.

    * Be sure to check with your childs teacher to get suggestions for summer books, workbooks and pleasure books. Or you could check online for age/grade appropriate book lists.

    * Look into your local bookstores for a childrens reading hour, wee read, or story hour. One of our local bookstores often hosts reading hours with guest teachers and parents.

    *Take your kids on a hike on a nearby nature trail. Walk slowly, and give your kids a chance to explore the trail, looking at whatever catches their eye. When you see them interested in something be sure to stop and examine their finding.

    Just remember no matter whether you are walking a trail, finding a book at the library, or playing an interactive game keep your child engaged. The more fun your child is having the more involved he or she will be, and the more they will learn.

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