• Technology in the Classroom

    Technology in the Classroom

    No matter the device used, technology seems to have a big affect on learning in the classroom. There have been several studies done. Some with classroom distribution of these devices and technology, and some, have a bring your own device  to school. In the CoSN  Compendium 2011, volume 9, issue 3 talks of several different schools and how they benefited from these technologies.

    Chicago’s public school system implemented an iPad program.  Using Title IID expiring funds CPS was able to roll out 750 iPads dispensed to 23 schools. Of this initial roll out 90% of iPads went to grades 3-8. The rest were divided between k-2 & 9-12.  Approximately 50 teachers and 1700 students directly benefited from this release. The program has done so well they have expanded the program to include another 5000 iPads and 60 more schools. Teachers agreed that using iPads helped increase student engagement, with benefits including increased completion of homework, increased time on task, and heightened motivation and confidence.

    Now to a school that turned a huge a problem in schools today into a viable learning solution. Believing that each student should have access to internet connected device. Though not having the funding to purchase enough devices for each student the Osseo school district in Minnesota has been allowing students to bring their own devices to school through its Project Copernicus program. This program began with only three schools and eight classrooms and encompassed grades 5-12. Teachers worked as a team to develop curriculum ideas and three years later they have 80 participating classrooms.

    In both school systems, both children and teachers benefited from the technologies being implemented. This isn’t the only article and these aren’t the only schools trying to find new ways to utilize technology in the classroom.


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