• How Spelling Helps to Read

    How Spelling Helps to Read

    This is Brainy coming to you with the latest in all things Spelling  with …..The Spelling Buzz!!

    I have been doing some research on how spelling helps with reading, and came up with some pretty cool facts.  Spelling is a very important part of reading.  You could would not be able to read words properly, without knowing how the words are spelled first.  Very interesting!!!

    Research has shown that learning to spell and learning to read relies on the same underlying knowledge, such as, the relationships between letters and sounds. Spelling instruction can be designed to help children better understand to help children better understand that key knowledge, resulting in better reading.  When teaching spelling, you have to first, make sense of the english spelling system. The spelling of almost any word can be explained if one or more of the following five principles of English spelling is taken into account.

    • Words’ language of origin and history of use can explain their spelling.

    • Words’ meaning and part of speech can determine their spelling.

    • Speech sounds are spelled with single letters and/ or combinations of up to four letters.

    • The spelling of a given sound can vary according to its position within a word.

    • The spellings of some sounds are governed by established conventions of letter sequences and patterns.


    Who knew spelling was such an important part of learning to read?  I love learning new things through spelling!!!  There is a whole world of knowledge that can be explored with proper spelling and vocabulary!   So kids, remember to join me  Brainy, and all the other spelling monster of Spelltopia on this journey to ultimate spelling knowledge.

    I’m ready, are you?


    For more information about how spelling helps with reading, read full article at


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