• How to be a Better Speller.

    How to be a Better Speller.

    So what makes some people better spellers than others, well simply put practice. Though different articles debate what is the best practice. We at Spelling Monster think any and all practice is great. Wikihow.com suggests writing a paragraph without stopping.Then when you are finished go back and circle all your misspellings and look them up in a dictionary. The more you see the words spelled correctly the more you will recognize when they are not. In fact reading in general whether it’s a book, comic, or magazine your brain remembers spelling patterns. So the more you read the better speller you will be. Lets see what other things we can do to be a better speller.

     Playing traditional  word games such as word searches, ( my favorite )  scrabble, crossword puzzles, and memory but with spelling words are all great ways to practice. I love playing games to learn, that is what inspired Spelling Monster.  Playing games to learn is fun and it changes the pace of learning from something kinda boring, to something fun and exciting to do.  Besides traditional games, you see more interactive video games used to practice spelling. So whether you play video games to practice, or play hang-man try to make spelling fun.

     Another fun way to practice your spelling words is to make a rhyme or silly sentence using each letter of the word. After words every time you think of the word your rhyme or sentence will pop in your mind. This works with remembering lots of things. This is how I taught my daughters to remember a compass. We created a silly sentence  ”Never eat soggy worms.” It worked even I can’t help but think of north, east, south, and west in this way. Another example of this method is in mathematics with “Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally. ” So this method of learning is very tried and true across the board.

     Don’t forget when you are practicing not to over do it. You will retain more in 3-15 minute segments then you will in 1- 45 minute segment. Make sure there are minimal distractions, as to not pull your attention away. An don’t forget your basic spelling rules. Need an example, how about ” i ” before ” e ” except after ” c “ or a  silent ” e ” makes a vowel say its name. These are all helpful tips when becoming a better speller.

    There are many ways to become a better speller, these were just a few. Have your own trick or tip? Let us know we would love to hear from you.

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