• What is Spelling Monster?

    What is Spelling Monster?

    This is a write up on what Spelling Monster is and how to use this app. So what is Spelling Monster? Simply put, Spelling Monster is a spelling app for kids, where kids learn their spelling words while playing fun games. As kids play the games, they will learn without even realizing it. Our games are engaging and fun for kids to play.


    From the Home screen press the Words button. Then you will be prompted to name your spelling list. Finally you will add your words to that list. Your list can have as many words as you want, and each word can be up to 15 letters long. Once you have finished adding the words that you want on to your list, then use the back arrow button to back out until you reach the home screen. Once you have a word list, then you can play games using that list.


    From the Home screen press the Games button. Now you are at our game world menu, “Spelltopia”. From here you have few current game choices (more coming soon). Each spelling game is attached to a monster icon. So, as you explore Spelltopia, i.e. play games, you can meet each of the monsters. On spellingmonster.com you can find a detailed description of each monster and its game.


    From the home screen, at the bottom left is the parental statistics button. The parental statistics allows parents to check the progress that your child is making. When you press the statistics icon, the first screen you come to is the list stats.

    List stats track basic stats about each list:

    • How many words are in each list.

    • How many times each list was played.

    • Last date each list was played.

    • Length of time the list as a whole was played.

    The next screen you’ll see is the words stats screen. From here you can track:

    • How many times each word was played.

    • Last date each word was played.

    • Percent correct – note the only current game that tracks percent correct is the Missing Letter game.

    The final stat screen tracks game stats. The game stats track:

    • The games played

    • Yes/No correct

    • Last date played


    From the home screen, on the bottom right corner you will find the more button. This button is where you will find things like the about us, leave feedback (please do we love to hear how we can make our app better), rate our app, and settings. Settings is where you can turn on and off the background music and the sound effects.   Coming soon – Star count for all other games.

    We at hope that you found this write up informative and helpful. Remember, we at Spelling Monster are committed to building strong minds one game at a time.

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