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    Learning Lost Over Summer Vacation

    Did you know that children experience educational losses over the summer when they don’t engage in some kind of learning activity? Studies show that summer learning losses can equal a month or more of your childs instruction depending on the subject. Teachers typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material that students have forgotten over the summer. Continue reading “Learning Lost Over Summer Vacation” »


    How to be a Better Speller.

    So what makes some people better spellers than others, well simply put practice. Though different articles debate what is the best practice. We at Spelling Monster think any and all practice is great. Wikihow.com suggests writing a paragraph without stopping.Then when you are finished go back and circle all your misspellings and look them up in a dictionary. The more you see the words spelled correctly the more you will recognize when they are not. In fact reading in general whether it’s a book, comic, or magazine your brain remembers spelling patterns. So the more you read the better speller you will be. Lets see what other things we can do to be a better speller. Continue reading “How to be a Better Speller.” »

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