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    What We Have Been Up To Lately.

    We have been working on a lot lately. Since my last update we have fixed a couple bugs, I went to my first Google conference, released a new game, and are about to release another update with a new feature and a new game. Yes, we have been busy. I love getting e-mails with comments like we love your app or my child has done better in spelling since using your app (those are my favorite). I also like getting e-mails about how to make Spelling Monster better. I am always surprised that people are surprised that I e-mail back and am a real person. Ok back to what we have been doing. Continue reading “What We Have Been Up To Lately.” »


    Voice Feature Tutorial.

    We had lots of requests to add a voice feature so kids could hear their words as well as see them. So we started working on this popular request. As we were working on this feature we realized that our users weren’t actually requesting the same things. Some of you wanted both sound and text, some wanted it to be left how it was, and some wanted just sound and no text. Our solution to this was to create a toggle in the “Settings” section.  Continue reading “Voice Feature Tutorial.” »


    Holiday Updates.

    First I would like to say thank you to all our supporters. Hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one, for everyone who doesn’t I hope you enjoyed your day. We have reached almost 25,000 downloads, and wouldn’t have without you. We had a great turn out for our Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale. It is so awesome to wake up, check analytics and see numbers in the thousands for the day. We were going to offer Spelling Monster free for Christmas and the day after but we received an e-mail from Apple stating that would be shut down more or less those days so no go. Don’t worry we are discussing other dates. I have to admit though I am really disappointed about this. We are undecided as whether to run it free on amazon  for those days still. Continue reading “Holiday Updates.” »


    2.0 Update

    So excited for the 2.0 update thats about to release for Spelling Monster. We are awaiting Apples approval. When it came down to it we had to shorten our wish list for this update, so we could get an update out there. That being said we are still very proud of this update. So what has changed or been added?
    We updated the user interface throughout Spelling Monster, starting with our icon. It’s a little funner I think. Once you are in the app there are lots of great changes. We changed the home screen some but kept the simplicity. From the home screen you have three choices, add words, play games, or the new and improved parent gate. Continue reading “2.0 Update” »


    Trial and Error

    This weeks blog post is mostly about editing and/or deleting a word or word list. First off let me start by saying yes you can delete a word or a word list by simply swiping left to right on the word or wordlist you want to edit or delete. You should then see a delete button appear on the right hand side of the row, tap that and you should get a confirmation that it has been deleted. Continue reading “Trial and Error” »


    New games and Updates.

    I really don’t have much to write about this week. Though that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. Well what have you been doing you may ask? We have been working on a few different things lately, two new games, having a uppercase and lowercase option, and a difficulty option by request of several users. We have had a few inquiries about our teachers version. So we have also worked that back into things after putting the teachers version on hold for a while. We have also been discussing adding some type of tutorial for first time users and after updates with new features. Continue reading “New games and Updates.” »



    Ziggy here with some “Spelling Buzz”.

    Have you guys ever heard of this super speller Madeline Mervine?  I came across an article about her and I thought it was really cool. Madeline, nicknamed the “Bookworm” is a great speller beating out 20 other students to represent her school in the state spelling bee at the Oregon State Fair. L-I-T-E-R-A-T-U-R-E or literature is her favorite word to spell. Continue reading “L-I-T-E-R-A-T-U-R-E” »

    Word Study: A New Way to Teach Spelling

    Hey Friends! This is Beatz, coming to you with this weeks edition of………. The Spelling Buzz!!!

    Have you guys ever heard of the practice of “Word Study” as a way to teach spelling? I came across this article that was pretty cool, and I thought I would share it with you guys!

    “Word study” is an alternative to traditional spelling instruction.  It is based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing unconnected words. Continue reading “Word Study: A New Way to Teach Spelling” »

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