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    We at Spelling Monster are parents that care about our children, and believe we can help them learn by using technology. Spelling Monster is a mobile gaming app currently for iPhone and Android devices. It was thought of when our then 8 year old daughter was bored with traditional spelling games. We noticed a substantial rise in her grades and enthusiasm  when she practiced her words with games versus traditional spelling activities. We did some research and began the process of creating our spelling world. In spelling monster you travel around the world of Spelltopia meeting monsters and playing fun interactive games all the while learning your spelling words. Our kooky monsters and HD graphics help keep kids engaged and  ready to learn. We will be updating games regularly.

    We also kept parents and teachers in mind when we created spelling monster.  Simply open the app, go to words, and start adding words to play games.”That simple!” Parents can track their childs progress locally on the device with our in game statistics.

    Teachers, we have been listening, your version(coming soon) has more robust reporting, remote wordlist and word management, delayed list publishing, and much more. Just like the technology we utilize we are a young growing company. We here at Spelling Monster are family owned company with a mission to affect todays youth positively, and to show parents that a game can be a tool no different than a pencil. To progress in a game you are playing is to learn. When we are actively engaged in a game, our minds experience the pleasure of coming to understand a new idea.

  • Spelling Monster (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
  •        Spelling Monster (mobile app) is FamigoAPProved
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